Monday, October 11, 2010

Little Peanut

This cake was for a baby shower and I was told that the shower theme was elephants. They don't know the gender of the baby so they just call it "little peanut". She really wanted me to incorperate peanuts into somehow and this is what I came up with. The elephant and peanuts are made out of gumpaste and the cake was a butter cake with vanilla almond buttercream and fresh strawberries. Yumm!!
I had so much fun making the elephant and peanuts. I thought that since they called the baby "little peanut" it would be really cute to have the elephant holding a baby peanut wrapped in a recieving blanket. When the cake was picked up, she was so thrilled with how it turned out.

Beast Boy!

This cake was for my nephew's 3rd birthday. When he told me he wanted a Beast Boy cake I had no idea what he was talking about. So after some googling I learned that he is from a cartoon called Teen Titans. He has the ability to turn into any animal, that's why he's called Beast Boy.
I really wanted to do a 3D figure but I didn't have much time to make one so I did a 2D picture of his face and made his belt around the bottom of the cake. His favorite color is blue so I did a blue velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. It was delicious!

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

This cake was for my son's first birthday. I had so much fun working on his cake. As you can tell his birthday party was baseball themed and we went all out! We had the main cake for everyone to eat, Tanner's smash cake, and burger and fries cupcakes/sugar cookies. Everything was super delicious and turned out perfect!

Monday, September 13, 2010

High Heel Glam!

My sister inlaw Seana was planning a birthday party for one of her friends and asked me to do the cake. The theme was vintage barbie. I was again given total creative freedom with this cake. After a lot of brainstorming this is what I came up with. I am so happy with how this cake turned out. I absolutely love making gumpaste high heel shoes! This was also my first time making an anemone flower. It was a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

Polka Dots

This cake was for a girls 20th birthday. She told me that she didn't care what it looked like as long as it tasted great! All that I had to go by was that her favorite color was pink. It was fun and a little scary having the freedom to do what I wanted, especially since I didn't know her. So I decided just to do what I thought I would want if it were a cake for myself. Luckily for me she loved it! It was a strawberry coconut pecan cake with strawberry coconut pecan cream cheese frosting. Wow that's a mouth full!

Friday, August 20, 2010

French Circus Baby Shower Cake

This cake was for a friend of mines baby shower. It was a french circus theme. It was a lot of fun and looked so great with all the decor.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Zebra & Hot Pink Birthday Cake

I had so much fun making this cake and was so happy with the way it turned out. It was for a good friend of mine that was turning the big 3-0. The cake matched all the party decor perfectly. The top tier was a chocolate cake with vanilla almond buttercream, the middle was a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and the bottom was a yellow butter cake with vanilla almond buttercream and fresh strawberries. The cupcakes were red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Denver Broncos Birthday Cake

This cake was for a guy's 30th birthday. He's a huge fan of the Denver Broncos so his girlfriend asked me to do a Broncos themed cake. The helmet is made out of rice krispie treats and the cake is a butter yellow cake with fresh strawberries and vanilla buttercream.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Army Cake

My brother is in the army and is going to Korea for a year.  So my family had a going away party for him. I was asked to make him a cake with all the things he likes and loves to do. My favorite part of this cake was making the fish and fishing pole. I actually threaded a line through the reel and hooked the mouth of the fish. It was so cool!

As you can see, he thought the Heineken can was pretty cool.
Thanks for serving our country Josh!

Fashion Cake

This cake design was inspired by one of my favorite cake artists. Her name is Lori Hutchingson. She is absolutely amazing at everything she does. I hope to be as good as her some day!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guess Purse Cake

I made this cake for my sister inlaw's birthday. She love's purses and always has the cutest ones so I knew a purse cake would be perfect for her. This cake is definitely my favorite so far. It was a chocolate cake layered with a vanilla almond buttercream...Yummm!

Batman Cake

My nephew loves batman and what kid doesn't love oreos. It was an oreo cake with cookies n' cream filling. It tasted just like an oreo blizzard.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Peony Flower

I wish I would have gotten a better picture of this cake. It was so beautiful! I just love the peony flower on top.

Football Birthday Cake

This cake was a lot of fun to make. It was for my nephew's birthday which was a football themed party. He loved that the helmet was his very own cake!

Monday, June 28, 2010


About a month and a half ago my husband and I were walking through Joann Fabrics and I saw a flyer for a cake decorating class.  I thought that it looked like it would be a lot of fun, but instead of taking one of their classes I decided to just go buy a few books and teach myself.  Since then I have made five cakes and am completely in love with it!  I can't wait to do more!  Here are the cakes I've made.
My 5th Cake

I made this cake for my niece McKinna's baptism. It was so much fun to make and I'm so glad I was able to make it for her on her special day!

My 4th Cake

I made this Neiman Marcus shopping bag cake and shoes for my sister inlaw Erin's birthday.  I had so much fun making the shoes!

My 3rd Cake

The bow on this cake got a little smashed but it still looked really cute.  This was a birthday cake I did last minute for a girl in my ward.  She was very surprised and loved it!

My 2nd Cake

This cake was for our Grandma Grace's birthday. It was a princess party theme.  The crown was made out of gumpaste.  And in between each layer of white butter cake were fresh raspberries with raspberry buttercream.  YUMMM!!! It was so good!!

My 1st Cake

This was my first cake. It was more of a practice run for our Grandma's cake since I had never used fondant before.  My favorite part is the fondant ruffle on the bottom. It made it look so cute!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hamburgers & Fries Anyone?

When I saw these I knew I had to make them. They turned out super cute and were so much fun to make. The buns are cupcakes cut in half and the patties are brownies. A little frosting for the ketchup, mustard, & lettuce. And some sugar cookie fries. Yummy!

Cake Pops!

I made these cake pops for a friend of mine. She was having a "gender revealing party" to announce the gender of their baby to be. They turned out so cute and tasted amazing!